Driving forward the professional standards for Digital Marketing in Sri Lanka

DMASL will set the professional standards, ethical guidelines and best practices for the digital marketing industry in Sri Lanka. In addition, we will support the continuous professional development of our members and facilitate them to gain exposure at an international level

This will be a platform for organizations and individuals to expand their horizons in the field of digital marketing while being an innovator and a creator of your own products. This will be an extended hand in your personal growth as well as the growth of your organization in the digital marketing industry and sector.


DMASL provides a structured platform for digital marketing professionals to network and collaborate to contribute their quota to the industry and influence developmental changes in Sri Lankan digital media and marketing space.


Why Join Us?

  • Learning & Developmentas experienced professionals, you can help aspiring young professionals join our dynamic industry while using our network of great minds to look for answers, best practices and recommendations for yourself!
  • NetworkingCome together to share ideas, suggestions and brainstorm together of how we can propose solutions for challenges we experience related to our industry
  • Career OpportunitiesShare career opportunities of the industry and perhaps apply to some of them too
  • Access to resourcesAccess to resources and tools purchased by the Association and shared among members such as access to libraries, paid content websites, media credit vouchers and other paid subscriptions
  • Exclusive InvitationsBe invited to forums, webinars, group learning sessions and networking events featuring guest speakers on current hot topics

Associate Member

Those learning and aspiring to start a career in the industry

Professional Member

Those currently employed in the industry with a minimum experience of 2 years

Executive Member

By invitation by the Board of Directors

Fellow Member

Those currently employed in the industry with minimum experience of 10 years

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